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The past year has been a journey, to say the least.

Two summers ago, we just hoped to fundraise even half of our Kickstarter goal. We were overwhelmed by the support we received – our backers were so insanely generous that they actually overfunded our campaign goals, which gave us enough money to consider finding a producer.

We thought a small, affordable producer was an achievable destination. Our minds were blown once again last summer when Ryan Hadlock, producer for Vance Joy and The Lumineers, gave us a call and wanted to work with us. Before we could wrap our minds around what was happening, we were road tripping up to Bear Creek Studio in Washington and recording our EP at a giant barn studio, with one of the most legit indie folk producers in the country.

Only a couple months later, one of Caleb’s old music videos blew up on Tik Tok, bringing us an amazing new fanbase who supported our music and our mission – to make cool music that dives headfirst into faith and failure and life. This EP has taken a path of its own, and we’ve seen God’s hand over each step in the process.

Over the past few months, we’ve been nailing down the details for our EP, and we are so pumped to announce that we will be releasing the EP this summer, July 9.

In the meantime, we’re getting psyched to put out more covers, original content, and fun photos on our social medias. We’ve started a brand-new playlist series, where we’ll be posting a new playlist on our Spotify page every two weeks through April. Social media will be the heart and soul of our marketing plan, so make sure to follow us on all those platforms – we’ll link them below. We’re also going to start pushing out more content to our email list, so if you want to get more updates on the things we have going on, sign up for emails on our home page.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support. We can’t believe a release date is in sight, and we’re stoked to share more with you as the next few months move along.

We love you guys.

Caleb, Ella, Devin, Erica, and Isaac

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